On behalf of the entire editorial and publication team at Techno India University Transactions on Human Sciences (TTHS) journal, dedicated to serving as a prominent platform for research articles in Human Sciences, I express our heartfelt gratitude to the authors contributing original research for the inaugural volume released in December 2022. Witnessing the outstanding quality and groundbreaking innovations presented in the published papers brings immense joy. Special appreciation goes to the esteemed peer-review team, comprising renowned academic researchers and industry professionals, who generously devoted their valuable time to meticulously assess the research articles. Their efforts were instrumental in scrutinizing the novelty and scope of each submission, ensuring alignment with our publication objectives. Through this collective effort, we successfully curated a selection of papers that harmonize seamlessly with our journal's mission. Congratulations to the authors featured in the debut volume of TTHS journal for their exceptional contributions to diverse fields, promising a profound impact on the lives of those directly or indirectly influenced by technological innovations. The editorial board firmly believes that our exploration of novel ventures in Human Sciences aligns with the innovative core at the heart of all technological revolutions. We celebrate the successful preparation and publication of the first volume of the TTHS journal, marking a significant milestone in our pursuit of advancing knowledge in the Human Sciences. We envision a continued growth trajectory in future issues, steadfastly laying the foundations of a deeper understanding of the ever-growing interface between humans and technology.

Dr. Samiran Chattopadhyay
Editor-in-Chief, TIU Transactions on Human Sciences (TTHS)
Senior Member of IEEE
Vice Chancellor, Techno India University, West Bengal
Former Professor, Department of Information Technology, Jadavpur University
Former Visiting Fellow, Northumbria University, New Castle upon Tyne, UK
Former Adjunct Professor, IIT Kharagpur